About Två Traktörer

For us, food is about experiencing. Experience sour, salty, bitter, sweet and umami in all its possible combinations. Sometimes you just want to experience something simple and familiar. Other times, you are craving for a somewhat more revolutionary experience. Sometimes you want to drop by spontaneously when you happen to be nearby – and other times the reservation is made far in advance and you have the experience to look forward to.

Regardless, it is these very experiences that we live for and which we have long dreamed of communicating to others. Skillinge Hamnkrog charmed us immediately with its self-confident and down-to-earth elegance. It is well-known and a bit of a symbol of Skillinge, so do at least some the locals say – need we say more?


We will carefully manage the memorable heritage of the tavern while also putting our mark on it. With the experience in focus, we emphasize everything from where the produces come from to our guests experiencing the surroundings and the proximity of the sea – right by the table. Performing a proper pairing of food and beverage the experience becomes even more tasteful. Enough said – come as you are, and we will do everything we can to make your experience the most memorable.

Två Traktörer consist of Ola and Emilia, partners in life and now in business. We are two foodies brought together by our great interest in food & beverage and the restaurant experience in general. At Skillinge Hamnkrog we mainly serve fish & seafood and present different traditional foods throughout the year.

Experience us in beautiful surroundings both in- and outdoors – right on the quayside. Or why not order catering and bring the experience to where you are.


Emilia och Ola / Två Traktörer